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31 January 2011 @ 07:45 pm
Haha of course I couldn't force myself to write somethin' on Sho-chan's birthday, but I remember about it wholeheartedly <3 Happy Birthday once again babe :*
On sunday, week ago, I was watching Arashi 10-11 Scene Tour which rised my tension. This was really great concert, I was so waiting for this since 5x10 Tour :yay: but I suppose wathing it with my dear Nee-chan would be more fun, hopefully we can make for it after college exams >.< and after I fully recover from my flu :P
Sometimes I feel need to write fanfiction but then I persuade myself that I'm not too confident with my English and overall writing skills. It would be better if somebody could turn my ideas into stories :D hahaha only where can I find such person? :P
Okay the end of my dilemmas. See you in next entry ^.^
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24 October 2010 @ 08:51 pm

Last weekend me and clover_chan_pl had had party to celebrate delayed birthday of Jun, G-Dragon and of course my beloved Kimi Raikkonen (which was not delayed as his birthday is 17th of October :P).
At first we were drooling at Beautiful Hangover performances, and after this movie/concert marathon had begun.
We started with watching Bandage, where we were still commenting how Jin can play such a dork xD (oh I forgot that in real he's also called Bakanishi hehe.. so not a big surprise :D). The end was pretty messed up, but in general Jin was hot as always <3
Next we watched Big Bang's Big Show 2010 concert which was perfect. I remember many funny comments were made, but don't remember what exactly (yeah that's the way it is when you're making entry one week after party :P). Making of Big Show was epic and hilarious. So much of cuteness from GD and those silly caps weared by Daesung made my evening.
After that I don't exactly remember what was going on, probably because of our dear Finlandia Lime Flavour xD But we tried to watch G-Dragon's Shine A Light con but it was some odd version which was hunging up once in a while and were watching Arashi's 5x10 Anniversary Tour.
So it was very eventful evening in good company, maybe next day wasn't so great because of "beautiful hangover" :P hehe but somehow we made it :D

OK, so this was another entry which was completely unrelated to Sho (sorry Sho-chan xD) but I'm gonna improve, I promise =^.^=

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30 August 2010 @ 11:40 pm
Omg, I've made it just in time. In Poland there's only 20 minutes left from 30th of August.

I wish you ALL THE BEST, because you surely deserve it. Hope you will be forever your DoS yourself (and closet DoM xD), I love your dorkyness, and how you sometimes embarass yourself but it's great when you're with Arashi ;) You should know, that Natsuniji is a wonderful drama and you're doing your best, that I fell in love with you once again because Taiga is sometimes just like Tsukasa :D
I wish you could have another naked session (like in An-an) so I can droll all over my laptop, that you will always have only the best roles in the best dramas, more and more successes with Arashi in their 11th year and maybe one day you could become a reporter because your interviews in AnShi are simply the best :D
Hugs and kisses my dear :*


Yeah I know it's like forever since my last post o.O I'm such a lazy ass, but it's Jun's b-day so I had to write somethin' cool to celebrate it ;) Last year I was having great time at party held by clover_chan_pl , this year probably there won't be such epic party, but still we must do somethin' crazy just for Jun ;)
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15 September 2009 @ 10:42 am

Omg.. exactly 10 years ago Arashi had their debut. I'm sooo happy and glad that they could sing, dance, have concerts, variety shows as one group for ten consecutive years. And I hope they can make it! for next 10, 20, 30 years :D It would be really great :)

I wish them all the best! to always have support from so many fans not only in Asia but around the world, to break every sales records while releasing singles, albums, DVD's & what's the most important - Members! please don't ever change your attitude.. because you're just the best the way you are ;) Cuticle and cool that's why fans love you! <3

Arigatoo for everything Arashi!

credits for scans to shokimThanks a lot! :*

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17 June 2009 @ 01:53 pm

Hello everybody!

This is my first entry, but lj isn't new for me ;)
I dedicate this site to my fascination about jpop, jdoramas and maybe sth else. I hope I can meet here many people with same interests as me :)
My favourite jpop bands are Arashi and KAT-TUN. I also watch few dramas e.g. Gokusen, Code Blue etc. Currently I'm watching The Quiz Show 2 (still 2 episodes to go) <3
I'm from Poland (middle Europe). Actually I've graduated from high school and I'm having the longest holidays in my life (I'm starting college from October) so I have plenty of time for my hobbies :)

I have no idea how often I'll write on this lj, and most important question, about what? My number one goal for now is to create pretty layout (maybe not sooooo pink :>) so this lj could be more unique :) 

So if you are from Poland or you just find this lj interesting please, leave comment ;)

Ja ne... ;) :*

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